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I have marble countertops, real wood cabinets and beautiful ceramic floors in my kitchen. What's the best cleaner for all of them?

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October, 2016

What is an economical, yet effective solution to clean most surfaces?

PK-200 is a concentrated multipurpose cleaner guaranteed to clean even the toughest jobs. Dirt and grime disappear quickly and easily. When diluted PK-200 will handle all your cleaning chores around the plant, office, or home. Extremely easy to use. Simply dilute the concentrate with water to the desired cleaning strength.

Joyce C. of WA state writes “PK-200 is one (Kleenco product) I use for just about everything. It cleans without streaking. It’s concentrated so I can use it to my specifications (usually 1:4 – 1:8) and it smells fresh”. That fresh smell would be the loved ‘sassafras’ fragrance of the PK-200.

Lori B. from AZ says “I love Kleenco’s PK-200! For walls, I just wet a damp cloth with water and dab a bit of PK-200 onto the cloth and simply wipe off any dirt. I also have large tile floors and to clean them I dilute PK-200 (at the recommended 4oz to 1 gallon of water) in a mop bucket and mop them clean. It’s the only cleaner I’ve found that really keeps my floors clean”. (By the way, Lori doesn’t have a Kleenco dealer close by so when her husband goes on a business trip she makes him visit a local Kleenco dealer and pick up a gallon of PK-200 for her use back home!).


PK-200 is mild enough to reduce the hazards associated with strong alkaline cleaners, but strong enough to handle the toughest soils. It cuts through tough grease and gummy residue like repair facilities would deal with daily whether it’s a car, truck, sewing machine or vacuum. Homeowners love the versatility of PK-200 from cleaning kitchen grease off their cupboards with a sponge or dissolving soap scum and body oils off their marble shower.


Yes! Marble is a designer surface that requires special care. Remember marble itself is composed of minerals. So it obvious you can’t use a product like Shower Kleen that is so effective at dissolving minerals.

So, for these showers a special one-two combination of products and procedures that is highly effective in cleaning natural stone shower surfaces is PK-200 and Nu-Glass.

The PK-200 works to dissolve soap scum and body oils while the Nu-Glass gently polishes away the hard water deposits. Simply dilute PK-200 with equal parts water. Starting at the bottom of your shower, apply using a white pad. Then rinse from the top down. If hard water spots remain on your shower surface use Nu-Glass to gently polish them away. No need to rinse the Nu-Glass, just polish dry with a clean cloth.

Ask your local Kleenco dealer about PK-200 today.



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