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How can I get my wood floors clean? I want my wood floors to shine again what can I do? How do I clean my wood floors? What's a good way to mop my wood floors? ....Common questions. This months CleanCity Tip Page has the answer!

I bought your “Wood Wash”, went home and immediately washed my floor again. I could not believe my eyes! My mop water with the “Wood Wash” was black!


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August, 2016


Help, my wood floors look like they need to be refinished. It’s expensive! Any suggestions?


First, start cleaning your wood floors with Kleenco's “Old Time Wood Floor Wash”. Watch your mop water. It's starting to turn black isn't it? That’s because Wood Wash contains surfactants that lift the soil off the floor and suspend it in solution so you can really clean those floors!


We've had several customers that used vinegar and water  and they state (“that’s what they told me to use”). Vinegar is the right pH for wood but it contains no surfactants to penetrate and lift the soil from the floor. You may get the squeak but you're not going to get the clean.


One couple even told us that she would mop the floor with vinegar and water and he would come behind with a towel to try and wipe up the dirt. He said it wasn’t working even with two of them laboring over the job.


Old Time Wood Wash starts to remove the built up soil immediately. As you continue to use the product more and more of the soil buildup will be removed. After just a few uses your floors will shine again. One quart of “Old Time Wood Floor Wash” is so concentrated you will get about 16 gallons of cleaner (diluted at 2oz per gallon).


Many customers have been so pleased with the results they have come back to tell us that the shine is back on their floors. Where did the shine go? It was hidden by layers of soil build up. No we don’t put in any wax or acrylics in Old Time Wood Floor Wash, the shine is back simply because the dirt is gone. So whatever shine your floor had in the beginning will be there when the old soil has been completely removed.


If your floors are suffering because of rough treatment and the shine truly has worn off  there are a couple of different products you can choose to spruce it up. Kleenco has “Wood Floor Finish” a solvent based finish that can be applied (and removed or touched up with Kleenco’s “Wood Floor Prepare”). The second product is “Wood Floor Renew”, this is an acrylic finish that when removed will need “Wood Floor Removes”.


Looking for a great mop to use with “Old Time Wood Floor Wash”? Ask at the counter about the SH-ine Mop. It’s recommended for maid services as well as homeowners, and liked by all. A true terry cloth mop that’s easy to use and simple to clean.


All of these fine Kleenco “Old Time Wood Floor” products can be found at CleanCity Vacuum and Janitor Supply in Everett, WA. Click our “DOLLAR DAYS” Coupon and save on Old Time Wood Wash this month.