Kleenco Carpet Detergents and Shampoos

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Concentrated, Odor and Allergen Destroying Extraction Detergent


Carpet Brite is a powerful, low-foaming, low alkaline cleaner formulated to help allergy sufferers. Professional formula designed for use in truck mount and portable extraction units. It will also increase the performance of any home style carpet machine. A complex formula designed to remove a wide range of soils and stains promoting cleaner, brighter carpets. Special non-fluorescent additives keep carpets looking clean longer. Carpet Brite is used with excellent results in spin bonnet carpet cleaning. Click for more information. Click for SDS. Read What Customers Say About Carpet-Brite.





Traffic Lane Pretreatment


Reduce the time spent cleaning carpets. Kleen-Lane is an effective combination of chemicals designed to make easy work of carpet cleaning. Even those areas heavily encrusted with grease, oil and heavy traffic. Safe for use on new generation carpets. Both concentrated and pre-mixed ready-to-use formulas are available.









Concentrated shampoo formula. Produces a high foaming, condensed-lather cleaning action for effective soil penetration. Loosens and lifts out embedded dirt, oil, grease and stains. Leaves no gummy residue. Safe for fibers and colors. Excellent for carpet or upholstery cleaning. Click for more information. Click for MSDS.




Powdered Emulsifier


A heavy-duty, concentrated, powdered emulsifier for use in truck-mounted and portable carpet extraction equipment. This special non-foaming, soil-releasing detergent contains optical brighteners, air fresheners, and corrosion inhibitors for best cleaning performance. When properly mixed Formula"K" will dilute easily and give maximum residue-free cleaning.







Concentrated Silicone Defoamer


Heavy-duty, defoaming solution. Suppresses foam in recovery tanks of carpet extraction equipment, automatic scrubbers and wet pick-up vacuums. Dilute with water 1 to 4, then add 1 to 2 ounces per 10 gallons of recovery tank capacity. Click for MSDS.











Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo


A combination of high foaming wetting and drying agents, inorganic builders, buffers, solvents and deodorizers that produce effective deep cleaning action. Penetrates and emulsifies all common carpet soils. Either dry-foam or wet shampoo cleaning is possible depending on the dilution and equipment used. Click for MSDS.



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