Kleenco Spotters and Stain Removers

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SPOT LIFTER For Carpeting, Upholstery and Laundry Prewash


Effortless is a complete carpet stain remover. Safe on any "color-fast" water-washable material. Unlike conventional spotters Effortless is effective on both water and oil based stains - wet or dry. Formulated primarily for carpet spotting yet versatile enough to be effective on upholstery and laundry. No need for complicated and messy spotting kits because Effortless when used according to directions will remove just about any spot from any fabric. Click for more information. What Customers Say:



Kool-Aid® and Orange Soda Stain Remover


Difficult stains such as Kool-Aid® and orange soda are now removable with the use of Red Medic. Simple to use. Just saturate the stain with the Red Medic solution apply a damp cloth, then heat with a steam iron and watch the stain disappear. Click for more information.








Industrial Formula Solvent


A safe, effective, industrial strength solvent formulated for use on most surfaces. Effective for removing stains from carpeting, fabric, ceramic tile, cement, wood, metal, Plexiglass® and most plastics. Ideal for removing chewing gum, crayon, candle wax, tar, grease, adhesive, etc.








Coffee and Tea Stain Remover


Formulated for use on carpeting for the complete removal coffee stains. Use only after trying to remove with light-duty tannin stain removers. Click for Material Safety Data Sheet.









Heavy-Duty Paint, Oil and Grease Remover


Specially formulated to remove the toughest of carpet stains. Excellent for use on paint - lipstick - oil and grease. This is a non-volatile solvent spotter that quickly removes paint spots and oxidized oils. Its wide range of effectiveness includes oil base paints, adhesives, tar, ink, shoe polish, etc. Plus a wide variety of food stains. For most effective stain removal, follow with extraction cleaning.




Protein Stain Remover


Formulated for use on stains of a proteinaceous origin. Including blood, food, eggs, beer, gravies and related soils.



Enzyme Action Pre-Spray


A straight concentrated enzyme treatment for stain removal. The enzymes actually break the bond, which holds the stains in fibers. Makes the removal of difficult soils easy with normal cleaning methods. Micro-Solve works on most biodegradable, organic stains such as grease, cooking oils, urine, feces, etc. It's even effective on blood and perspiration. Click for more information.





Chewing Gum Remover


A quick acting liquid gum remover that replaces freeze and chip type products. This formula attacks the binding agents in gum allowing the special solvents dissolve all residues. Easy to use, and safe for all carpet fibers.









Rust Eliminator


Remove rust and metallic stains from carpeting, upholstery and laundry fibers. Bottle has a squirt top for direct application. Safe on most fibers. Highly effective addition to any carpet spotting kit.









Pet Stain Remover


An effective combination of synergistic ingredients formulated specifically for removing stains caused by animal urine and other yellow type stains.









Pre-Oil Break


Penetrates oil barrier present in most stains. Effective on water combination stains. Use to treat upholstery before extraction cleaning.
















Tannin Stain Remover and Alkalinity Neutralizer


Effective spotter for correcting browning or yellowing of carpets, upholstery and rugs. Removes stains caused by, water, coffee, fruit juices, etc. Safe for most fabrics when used as directed. Excellent for use as an anti-shampoo to cancel excess alkalinity.



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