Like to try out a new Simplicity vacuum?

"Go to the store with the Gorilla!" Its the best place to buy a Simplicity Vacuum in Everett!


CleanCity has all the popular models in stock as well as different types of carpeting and floor surfaces to try them out on.


We eliminate the  on-line  buy then try hassle as well as the time and effort it takes to return a machine you don't like, is broke or needs service. Think of all the time you'll save when you no longer need to packup that vacuum and take it to the shipping store or post office for repair. Perhaps you'll have the time to stay and watch the kids soccer or baseball game rather than dropping them off and making a run to the post office to return that non-sucking vacuum.


With CleanCity as your Vacuum Store all the bags, belts and filters you need are in stock when you need them.



CleanCity vacuum street view