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I appreciate your help in locating a distributor in my area that carries the gallon size of your product "Kitty-Scram". Over the past 18 years I've had 11 cats and dogs (2 litters of cats and 1 litter of puppies). Needless to say, I've tried a lot of products designed to eliminate pet odors and Kitty-Scram is the first product that really works! It also doesn't leave behind overpowering, unpleasant odor after it has dried. I hope you will continue to manufacture this product - I'm too much of an animal lover to live without it.


Jean M. Hnarakis

Fairfax, VA


Dear Kleenco Products,


I have been a faithful user of your product "Kitty-Scram" for several years! I do professional housecleaning here in Big Timber and have recommended Kitty-Scram to many of my customers and have used it regularly in my business. I have especially used it in my own home gallons! of Kitty-Scram over the years. I have on the average 6 or 7 cats a couple of dogs and kids. If it hadn't been for Kitty-Scram I don't know what I would have done. Now - ...... in ....... Montana where I have bought this wonderful product no longer chooses to carry "Kitty-Scram", preferring to carry a cheaper "just-as-good product". It is not just as good which I've tried to explain. Anyway I'm hoping you can help me with this problem. Who else in Montana carries Kitty-Scram? ..... says I can buy Kitty-Scram if I order a case. If I could afford a case, I'd do it. But I would be happy with a new supplier who could get me a bottle or two when I needed it. If it's someone here in Montana, I could have a bottle or two shipped by UPS. Could you please supply me with this information I would be so grateful? Thanks for your time - and such a great product.



Judith A Harriss

Big Timber, MT


Dear Kleenco,


Recently I had the opportunity to put one of your products “Kitty Scram” to a real test. Our home is located on acreage not yet fenced. And so we play host to a variety of wildlife. One night a neighbor’s dog got loose and ran smack into the granddaddy of all skunks who just happened to be passing by. This encounter occurred under and all around a storage barn which housed among other items a new set of luggage that I was getting ready to fly to N.Y. with. WELL!!! You can only imagine my feelings of complete horror at the prospect of traveling with this most unmistakable odor! I went to the local merchant (Hokema’s Appliances) and with tears in my eyes (not only from frustration but the odor as well) explained my plight. They suggested I try “Kitty Scram” and said they weren’t certain about skunk odor but it might be worth a try, and wished me luck. I did!... It Worked. I will be forever grateful to you for your product and for helping me to maintain my dignity. Thank you a million times over!



Shirley Mostovoy

Redding, CA


Hello – Help Help


I have been using your “Kitty Scram” product for many years, and love it! I live in Vancouver, WA and have been buying your product from Stark’s Vacuum Clinic. Unfortunately, they no longer carry Kitty Scram, and I am lost. Please tell me where I can now buy Kitty Scram – by the gallon. Thank You.



Vicki Greene

Vancouver, WA


Dear Sir,


I am very interested in buying more of your product called “Kitty Scram”. I am very pleased with the product but after buying it once I am unable to find a store or outlet where I can purchase more. I would be interested in quart size either singly or by the case. Also, I would like a list of other cleaning products which your company may produce.



C.A. McClory

Hickory Hills, IL

To Whom it may concern:


I had bought some of your “Kitty Scram” many years ago & haven’t been able to find it anywhere since. Could you please send me information on how I can order this wonderful product?


Joy Caddell

Shiner, TX


I’m writing to inquire where I can purchase Kleenco “Kitty Scram”. I had purchased a quart while on vacation, but can’t seem to find any around here. Your response will be greatly appreciated.


Joyce Els

Beulah, ND


Dear Sirs;


I would like the name of your local representative. A few years ago, I obtained “Kitty Scram” from a fellow in Moscow, ID but I can’t remember his name. Thanks for your help.


Troy Veterinary Clinic

Troy, ID



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